FRINGE – Stephen K Amos – Arts Theatre – 4K

Stephen K Amos, the Englishman of Nigerian extraction, played to a packed house last night and has clearly rustled up an increasing band of followers in this city and country – an extra show has now been found for him.

His material ranged from the issues arising from being raised in a home of seven children, nice observations of Adelaide, Australia and our strange political machinations, to, near the finish, gay rights. (Having been to a number of comedy shows already this Fringe where this topic has been raised, my deep suspicion is the artists involved (Stephen K Amos included) have been surprised, if not shocked, by the absence of out-pourings of spontaneous support from their audiences when the topic is mentioned – probably confirming the Fringe attracts, and Adelaide is, fairly politcially agnostic and not Oxford St, Sydney.)

There was much to enjoy in the show, some material deadly funny, and his somewhat unique way of interacting with his audience was great fun. If criticism can be laid it is that at the core of all good humour is the need to create and sustain a sense in the audience that what yarn being told to them could actually be true or real (at least until the punch line). But in addition to his opening confession that, like politicians, he would be lying to us, the somewhat abusive stories of his parents just seemed way too over the top and disrespectful – one knew a long way shy of the ending this was all concoction. (He claimed he took both of them to his show before the Queen – hard to imagine any of them would have been amused by those particular jokes.)

Suitable for any adults, Amos’ show is engaging and very funny and well worth trying to get tickets to.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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