FRINGE – At the Movies with Peaches ‘n’ Gin Burlesque – Nexus – 4K

At the Movies with Peaches ‘n’ Gin takes us on a journey with outtakes of some classic movies, Burlesque style. Starring Luna Eclipse and Sapphire Snow, with special guest Miss Strawberry Siren who bring all the right ingredients an entertaining Burlesque show needs, including the tassels and feather fans, as we see parts of Burlesque (the movie), Aladdin, Who framed Roger Rabbit, a before unseen scene of Harry Potter and the love that must not be named, Hairspray and True Lies, plus more.

The performers bring an elegant energy in a very risqué performance to the crowds delight, encouragement and amusement with an assortment of well known scenes from Titanic as the finale.

Burlesque entertainment at it’s best.

Note this is an 18+ performance.

Kryztoff Rating   4K


  1. great great show left with a yearning to pull it my feather bias gloves and stockings frock up and step out great show ladies and gentlemen xx kaz

  2. great great show left me with a yearning to pull out my feather boa gloves and sticking and step out magnificant show ladies a.d gentlemen

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