FRINGE – The Best of the Fest Late Show at The GOV – 4K

By Heather-Jean Moyes

The Gov, not quite as glam as L.A.s House of the Blues and yet not as grungy as Sydney’s Three Weeds, provided a perfect venue showcasing talent as a taster.

The MCs Elbow Skin sang us through a great line up. Elbow Skin, two Melbourne Guys, Ernie and Dave, parody and satirize sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in clever send-ups and with witty lyrics. They run a fearless line of original takes on the everyday and manage a fair bit of audience chitchat too.

John Fothergill reprised his material with a healthy degree of variation. He got a little raunchier in this his second set for the night. Perhaps he figured the prudes had gone to bed. Funny as. A must see. As reported above: John Fothergill provided the most traditional and well-rehearsed material. The self effacing “Jordy” was instantly likable with his comic appearance featuring long ginger hair, a beard, and lily white legs beneath his baggy shorts and T. He opened with a tingling line about Hagrid and Ron Weasely and had us all in the palm of his hands from then on. He worked easily with the audience saving us from being too close to the gut wrenchingly funny but raw material by segueing from sporadic themed audience participation moments into his delivery of solid if extreme observational comedy. Ripping into male female relations with honest appraisals he kept up the pace. The gags were funny because they were honest, funny because he exposed the God ugly and very funny truth about us all. Refreshing stuff.

The final act for the night Craig Hill exploded on stage in a pink mini, sporran and shaved head, dancing a perfectly choreographed and lascivious rendition of a Kylie Minogue-eske routine. In a bravado exposition of comedy and dance he entertained mimicked and sent up a style with which we are familiar and made comment on the art form, the culture in which it exists and on us the audience, all at the same time. And he stays funny. Timing in movement and timing in comedy has something to do with it I’m sure. His routine settles into a more regular stand up routine with incisive observation and the occasional touch of song. He pulls the audience to him in that intimate way of a singer. He is extremely likable. Like visiting the hairdressers everything is up for grabs and he goes there girl! Hilariously.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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