FRINGE – Swami in Me – 3.5K

By Anthony Nguyen

The Adelaide Fringe has had an endless variety of comedians this year, and one of those many entertainers include Wendy Torbet, a local comedian, who performs in a witty and engaging musical comedy show based on her life experiences growing up in India, titled Swami in Me.

Clearly showing vocal skills with her singing and her guitar playing, Torbet puts a hilarious spin on several songs with rewritten lyrics that would leave the audience keel in laughter.

Although being based on her life, it is obvious that the show didn’t follow a set storyline. There were several strange subplots during the show which involved a talking (and crying) projector, naked nuns and the devil called Lucifer. These subplots were awkwardly funny, and would result in you thinking its relevance to the show and why there were there in the first place. Although it did give a few chuckles, the show would definitely suffice without these particular scenes.

Unfortunately, the continuous technical difficulties with the equipment resulted in the technician coming up onstage several times throughout the show to fix the microphone. This seemed to disrupt the flow of the performance, yet Torbet didn’t let the audience down.

Wendy Torbet is clearly a rising comedian, with a great knack for improvisation and a hilarious edge for more adult-themed jokes.

Swami in Me has two remaining shows in the week at the Crown and Archer Hotel before packing up to finish for the Adelaide Fringe. However be advised, as a large majority of Torbet’s jokes are although extremely funny, are heavily sexual-themed with some swearing, so be sure leave the children at home.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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