Cabaret Festival – Nadeah – Fest Theatre Stage – 3.5K

By Peter Maddern

There is no doubt that Nadeah presents an eye catching persona on stage, in a black outfit that is reminiscent of a Heffner Bunny Girl (without the ears) and sporting a fulsome head of blonde hair that seems to meld Goldie Hawn (without the innocence) with Stevie Nicks (at least for older members of her audience.)

Her repertoire, mostly self written, is similarly determined to stand out with lyrics that speak of the hard yards (both on and off the stage) of getting to the top of her industry as an Australian abroad. Having a cello amongst the elements of her backing band just adds to the idiosyncratic nature of the whole performance.

Nadeah is witty, relaxed and keen to involve her audience in her show (the 6.30pm timeslot perhaps being not the best for that but tonight’s 9.30pm one should be ideal.) Through standouts like Asylum on New Year’s Eve, Humdrum and Pinot Noir and Poetry for Breakfast (which included a visit onto patrons’ tables) the show sparkles with the element of the unhinged keeping one guessing what may happen next.

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