FRINGE Syntony Live Inductive Resonance – RiAus (The Science Exhange) – 3K

Described as fractals resonance between art, nature and the mind-body with ambisonic 3-D sound composition for immersive environments is performed by Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt from Sacred Resonance.

They explain that within this unique musical experience which combines research and philosophy that demonstrates how we have a higher design, a template that can tap into a higher resonance field. ‘We have modelled the complex acoustics and sound patterns found at the pyramids of Chichen Itza and Giza into musical composition. What is fascinating is that these acoustic patterns are also found in living systems from DNA, water resonance and star sounds. The Syntony sonic-visual experience allows what we call “inductive resonance” helping to create a harmony for body-mind & spirit.’

Syntony is still performing March 12 – 16 at The Bally – Dome (Gluttony). Llet yourself be taken on an inner mind-journey by this stimulating audio visual experience, somewhat unusual, yet stunning and bordering meditative.

You can find out about the science behind Syntony here.

Kryztoff Rating   3K


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