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FRINGE – Virtual Solitaire – RiAus – 5K

To watch a man transition between five characters – all very distinct, with their own mannerisms and voices (including accents) – in a conversation with each other, is both awe inspiring and more than a little disconcerting. There is no confusion about who is saying what, there is no pause between each character’s interjections, no pieces …

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FRINGE Syntony Live Inductive Resonance – RiAus (The Science Exhange) – 3K

Described as fractals resonance between art, nature and the mind-body with ambisonic 3-D sound composition for immersive environments is performed by Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt from Sacred Resonance. They explain that within this unique musical experience which combines research and philosophy that demonstrates how we have a higher design, a template that can tap …

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