Adelaide Film Festival – Will you still love me tomorrow?

In this rom-com with a twist, boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy tries to figure out how to tell his wife (who wants another baby) that he is in fact gay – and has been gay since long before they married.

Add to this mix the adorable protagonist Weicheng’s (Richie Ren) dizzy sister Mandy (Kimi Hsia) who cannot decide whether to marry her hapless fiancée and you have Taiwan’s gorgeous newly released film Will you Still Love me Tomorrow. Dealing with a subject that could very easily be tragic, about lost opportunities, unfulfilling marriage, unrequited love and the confusion of life in a modern, this film manages to be uplifting and absolutely beautiful. In fact, many conventionally happy marriages could stand to benefit from the friendship between Weicheng and his beautiful, long-suffering wife Feng (Mavis Fan).

Beautifully filmed, utterly engaging and completely original, this is one of the must-see films of the 2013 Adelaide Film Festival.

Check out this film if you want a modern, refreshing romantic comedy with a twist.


*Repeat screening Tuesday 15 October 2013 at 4.45pm

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