FRINGE – Nunopoly 2 – 4.5K

Nunopoly 2 is an absolute delight. From the instant you enter the intimate venue James McCann’s quick wit and friendly nature places a smile on your face. As you enter you find McCann adroitly playing the piano accordion, dressed in a nun’s garb. Do not be fooled by this seemingly ostentatious opening, McCann drives the performance with humility and comedy.

Nunopoly 2 tells an auspicious fable of the creator of Monopoly. McCann is a natural orator, who regales the audience with an unbelievable tale of success and hilarious tragedy. His inexorable cheer drives the performance, grasping every inch of attention in the tiny venue. As the story unfolds the audience is gripped, hanging at the end of each sentence. The show ends, as all good ones do, with a performance on the piano accordion.

McCann performs without error, no awkward pauses and no missed opportunities. His humour is adeptly malleable; altering with the audience and atmosphere. His intellect is prominent through the show, his use of language and theatrics is astounding. This entire performance is augmented by McCann’s meticulous knowledge of the Monopoly board game.

The venue is simple with basic lighting and a single microphone and amplifier. McCann’s narration takes you beyond the ‘tiny cupboard’ in which he performs into the world of the greatest Monopoly player to ever live.

Stop reading this review and go and book your ticket. You MUST see this show.



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