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Fringe Review – Anteworld – Holden St Theatres 4K

Anteworld is a unique and interesting play. A new work from Adelaide playwright, Mark Tripodi. The play focusses on the separation of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice remains in Hades with Persephone, deciding whether it’s best to risk returning to her lover. A dark and intriguing play which demonstrates not only the playwrights enjoyment of Greek …

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Attack of the Emotional Pygmies – Star Theatres – 4K

The Star Theatre was the perfect venue for this intimate play that portrayed a snapshot of a family dinner, myrred in disfunction. Attack of the Emotional Pygmies follows the struggle of Georgia as she struggles to inspire compassion in her husband, Alastair. We get a glimpse into the lives of Georgia and Alastair through the …

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Limbo Unhinged – The Garden – 4K

The Limbo gang are back with a more incredible show than ever. Combining physical theatre, circus stunts, comedy and acrobatics, Limbo Unhinged is a fantastic show. From the very first act the performers had the audience roused. The show begins with physical theatre; a man who winds and bends himself like a corkscrew. This is …

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Mother’s Ruin – A Cabaret About Gin – The Garden – 4K

If you’re looking for a night of beautiful voices, comedy gold and gin Mother’s Ruin is the show for you. A dazzling performance by two rising stars in the Adelaide Cabaret scene.   Prepare to laugh and learn as your two hosts (and pianist) take you through the history and urban myths that surround gin. …

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Fringe Review – Bucks (Or a bag of (D*cks) – 4K

Bucks is a raw and emotional show. It portrays the multiple faces of Australian masculinity through it’s many characters, on stage and off, and discusses many of the issues of Australian rural life. The show follows Kyle, a young man returning to his home town for his wedding after living in Melbourne for multiple years. …

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The Wine Bluffs – RCC – 4K

  With arrogant ignorance and eloquent bullshit, Damian and Paul have pulled together one of the most hilarious shows at this year’s Fringe. The Wine Bluffs is an hour of chaotic wit, a brilliant display of Callinan and Calleja’s humour. A show perfectly suited to Adelaide, where wine wankers are as readily available as bad …

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Henry Vth (Man and Monarch) – Holden St Theatres – 3K

While there should always be appreciation for the courage, skills and preparation it takes to put together and perform a one-man show, this one falls short of the mark. The idea behind the adaptation of the classic Shakespeare text is clever, the cutting of shapes from newspaper to build a story and set the scene …

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Puppetry of the Penis – The Garden – 3K

This show is nuts… literally. Heading into the Garden of Unearthly Delights on the opening weekend of the Fringe is enough to get any reviewer in the mood for an interesting show, while this is not exactly my usual genre Puppetry of the Penis delivers exactly what the blurb says and is a light-hearted piece …

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Paradise Lost – Henrietta’s – 4.5K

One of the most celebrated and critically acclaimed pieces of English theatre told through the medium of Japanese Butoh. Butoh, of course known for it’s ‘crude’ and ‘uncouth’ movements, allowed the many faced star – Christopher Samuel Carroll – to portray a trove of emotions throughout the 55 minute performance. And what a performance! Carroll draws …

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THEATRE – Equus – Bake House Theatre -3.5K

By Rupert Hogan-Turner A challenging and thought provoking play, Equus has recently been brought back to the limelight through the pulling power of Daniel Radcliffe. This production, put on by Arrangement with Origin theatrical, did the play justice. Equus follows a psychiatrist as he attempts to understand and rehabilitate a young boy, Alan Strang, who …

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