FRINGE- Foil Arms and Hog – 3.5K

Foil Arms and Hog come well recommended. Like a talked-up partner on a blind date, the trio of Irishmen sauntered onto the stage to high expectations and apprehension. With no time to acclimatize to their particular brand of unpredictable and faced-paced comedy, the audience is thrown right into a world where foul-mouthed schoolboys rap and busty heiresses are exploited.


Foil Arms and Hog are quirky, charming and inventive enough to keep their sketches fresh. In their capable and quite dextrous hands, the trio manage to create hilarious and often bizarre scenarios which evoke both cheeky schoolboy humour and the quick wit of seasoned professionals.


Foil Arms and Hog do rely heavily on sex jokes, leaving the audience unsure whether to intervene when it involves other audience members, and a few of the sketches rambled before finding their natural ending. Nonetheless, the were always wrapped up with aplomb and the self-reflexivity that comes with a life on stage.


This is sketch comedy at its most versatile, and the acts were honed and nuanced without being too polished. With their offbeat sense of humour, and their penchant to reveal personal information about their other troop members, the only thing to complain about is that it isn’t long enough.


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