FRINGE- Beyonce Diva Dance Workshop – 5K

It seems like the world cannot reach its fill of the incomparable Beyonce Knowles and her fierce dance moves. Hot off the back of an Australian tour, this workshop could not have come at a more fitting time for the ladies of Adelaide who were desperate to get their hands on (and minds wrapped around) the secret to Beyonce’s particular brand of sass.

This dance workshop homage to the self-proclaimed Queen Bey could not be more fitting. Versatile, invigorating and inspiring, this two-hour class was bursting with ladies and moves as powerful as they come. Presented with grace and power by the women of the Melbourne-based Bey Ladies Company, the class is suitable for both the experienced and novice dancer alike.

Run with enthusiasm, encouragement, and the flawless style of Queen Bey herself, the Diva Dance Workshops walk (or booty-shake) you through a medley of the best of Beyonce’s classics.

The breaks are generous, the music is loud and the moves are fierce. The wonderfully cheeky and lighthearted choreography is taught with patience and just enough pace to challenge yourself.  And in the end, you leave sweating heavily, smiling widely, and singing ‘Love on Top’ to whoever you meet.

Beyonce would be touched and proud by this amazing workshop, and if she was in town, I daresay would attend it herself.

Kryztoff Rating  5K


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