FRINGE – A Jazzy Afternoon – 3.5K

Olivia Henry


A Jazzy Afternoon, performed by the City of Adelaide Band, is located at the Hoyts Cinema in Salisbury. This unorthodox venue provides a very comfortable listening experience for this 40-piece community concert band.

Lead by Ukranian-born conductor Sergey Grynchuk, the afternoon begins with a medley of songs from the Phantom of the Opera. While not ‘jazzy,’ it is a beautiful arrangement with a warm, rich melody. A pleasant start to the afternoon. This unexpected beginning is followed by the Lion King, a fun medley of songs from the popular Disney movie. A number of Jazz standards follow, including “Autumn Leaves”, and “As Time Goes By.” The band then plays a number of concert pieces and more modern songs, such as “Trumpet Tango – Trumpet Duet,” “Rock Around the Clock” and “Friend Like Me (from Aladdin).”

Supporting the band were vocalists Nina V and Doug Pearce (also the afternoon’s compere). Nina V’s voice carries the melody through the Jazz standards of the performance. Her smooth overtones suit the song choices well, especially in pieces such as “Autumn Leaves” and the spicy “Minnie the Moocher.” Doug Pearce has a soft, classic quality to his voice. It is rare to find such a style in modern music and the change is very welcome as he croons “Beyond the Sea” and “As Time Goes By” (A duet with Nina). Additionally, Pearce’s casual approach and cute jokes between performances make him a very charming compere for the afternoon. It is unfortunate however that Pearce’s vocals tend to get lost among the instruments and Nina’s strong vocals.

It should be noted that the players are not all professional musicians. This is not completely obvious, however there are a few instances where the pieces lack a certain attitude and spark that is required for more of the upbeat and modern numbers. There are moments when the melody may be unpolished or the pauses may not be as sudden as they should be, but fortunately the band never plays out of tune. Nonetheless the players do show talent, especially during the trumpet and clarinet solos. These soloists provide a jazzy kick to songs like “Putting on the Ritz” and “Autumn Leaves.” Overall the City Of Adelaide Band provides an enjoyable afternoon for music lovers of all ages.



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