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by Riccardo Barone  Anya strikes again! A character with a tormented floozy life, eternal wanderer, researcher of that perfect Hollywoodian love with the consciousness and the related consequences of solitude and illusion to find stability in it. The interaction with the audience is brilliant, sassy, sexy, provocative, clever. This unsatisfied girl is starving for her …

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Fringe Review – Anteworld – Holden St Theatres 4K

Anteworld is a unique and interesting play. A new work from Adelaide playwright, Mark Tripodi. The play focusses on the separation of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice remains in Hades with Persephone, deciding whether it’s best to risk returning to her lover. A dark and intriguing play which demonstrates not only the playwrights enjoyment of Greek …

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FRINGE VISUAL ART – Patterns of Migration – Nexus Gallery – 3.5K

"Assorted earrings & brooches," photo by Kai Niezgoda, March 2017

Exhibition “Patterns of Migration” gives us access to pivotal moments in the life of Haneen Martin. Martin’s work explores her identity and experience as a Malay-Arab Muslim woman living in Australia since the age of eight. From polymer clay work, to hand-stitched and dyed cloth, to old family photos and letters, the artist’s work is a mixture …

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By Olivia Henry   Heartache & Drum Breaks is “not a dance party. It’s a listening party.” Created by DJ and sound designer, Tim Whitt, this show is a collection of his 300 favourite songs, set to a unique visual experience created by Trav Nash. It is a simple concept, three years in the making: …

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Fringe 2016: Beep Boop – 4.5K

From the moment you walk into the Producer’s Nook the insanity in Tom Walker’s gaze greets you. A clown in the true meaning of the word, Walker captures his audience the instant they enter and holds them until the very end. Beep Boop is a very silly one man comedic performance. Relying largely on the …

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Fringe 2016 – PHIA – The Grace Emily Hotel – 4K


By Tom Eckert Settling into the intimate confines of the Gracy Emily Hotel under the watchful eye of the mother Mary hanging from the wall, PHIA takes the half step up onto stage which is the most removed she’ll be from her audience both physically and figuratively for the whole set. Hailing from Melbourne but …

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Fringe 2016 – Beowulf: The Blockbuster – The German Club – Showroom One – 4K


By Tom Eckert If we are talking minimalism, this is almost as there as it gets. With nothing more than a square frame of light with adjustable hue, the black T-Shirt on his back and a charming Irish accent, Bryan Burroughs strides, soars and floats his way across the stage and single-handedly brings you into …

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Fringe 2016 – Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Deluxe– 4K


By Tom Eckert Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar, a production from EastEnd Cabaret and Dead Man Comedy who also brought us East End Caberet, presents us with another exercise in the delightfully absurd. You soon give up on following the narrative of this show for, whilst it is there, it swings so rapidly between the earnest and …

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Fringe 2016 – Hotel Tokyo – Gluttony – The Octagon – 2K

Hotel Tokyo

By Tom Eckert   Hotel Tokyo are giving nothing away with their title or description and so you are left to draw your own conclusions before walking into The Octagon. However, upon taking your seat and letting your eyes wander over the Pokémon-onesie clad cast bounding around the edge taking selfie’s with the audience decked out …

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Fringe 2015 – Little Egypt’s Speakeasy – The Deluxe – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K


By Tom Eckert Walking into The Deluxe, turned Little Egypt’s Speakeasy club and finding a booth is stepping straight back into the 1950s. A six piece band, a handful of characters and brilliant baritone MC who speaks in rhyme and all dressed to the nines. At the heart of this show it is a pleasant …

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