FRINGE- Reverb Theatre Presents Peter Pan- 3.5K

As a beloved children’s classic, Peter Pan is almost always a delight to behold, no matter what format it comes in. In the past ten years, Hollywood has produced four film versions of the story, emphasising the versatility of one of the most truly enduring stories to come out of the decadence of Victorian England.

Reverb Theatre’s production of Peter Pan, performed in Brighton High Schools purpose-built Performing Arts Centre, comes therefore on the back of a long history of retelling and reinventing the tale of the boy who would ‘t grow up for new generations.

Continuing the tradition of doubling the adult characters (Mr Darling/Hook), the production captured beautiful delicacy of childhood. The simple, whimsical set was utilised excellently, transforming as the characters did, between nursery and Never Never Land. The soundtrack, composed and performed by Reverbs own band, was haunting and playful, complementing the tale and the character of the adaption.

The youth troop did well in their presentation of characters, bringing integrity and freshness to the roles. Overall Reverb did a solid job at bringing the play to life, with inventiveness and passion.



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