FRINGE – Summer of Blood – Bakehouse – 3.5K

SOB AF introductions Chris, Mindy, Brennan @ 24.02.14 webBy Peter Maddern

Dreamers from the world of theatre are down on their luck, mainly due to the shortage of their own talent. But, Salvation! Fame! and Recognition! may come their way if they can work together and make a hit out of that old chestnut, the shock horror movie – you know the sort where young people get carved up and there is an enduring enforcer of death that will take us into a sequel.

But the planning starts to go astray as personal ambitions, manipulative agents and girls with big knockers start getting the better of those involved.

For the middle part of this play, I was somewhat underwhelmed, but the last 15 minutes are all good fun and its twist cleverly makes sense of it all. I smiled all day about it today.

The Summer of Blood is schlock unplugged, a gory visit to the entrails of a genre that otherwise needs no introduction.

If you enjoy Saw, see this.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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