FRINGE- At the Last Gasp- 4K

A feast for the eyes, At the Last Gasp showcases some of the best circus and physical theatre that the Adelaide Fringe has to offer. Brimming with youth and vigour, the one-hour show is a medley of highwire tricks and impossible feats of accuracy blended with the emotional distress of life.

Through a series of vignettes, At the Last Gasp presents everything from candid storytelling to dance routines to extraordinary physical theatre in a unique and riveting manner.

The quirky and at times confronting presentation by the young troop was compelling and absorbing, using the medium of circus to explore complex issues regarding death, identity and relationships. The show was sophisticated beyond the troop’s obviously tender years, and the graphic and at times violent portrayal of the darker side of a wandering mind is to be applauded.

At the Last Gasp fills the room and the mind with real questions about life. Given the age of the performers, they are ones to watch both at the Fringe this year and into the future.


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