Fringe – Twisted Lollipop – 3K

Twisted Lollipop is solid acrobatic comedy. It is a two woman show embracing unorthodox acrobatics, wild dancing and candy. Within moments the duo have the audience watching intently as they jump, dance and run across the stage.

The show is produced by Twisted Hitch and stars Marianna Joslin from ‘The Ice Cream Factory’ and Abbey Church from ‘Wilde Applause’ and ‘Vulcana’. Twisted Lollipop is being performed for the first time in Adelaide this Fringe.

Overall the performances of both Joslin and Church were fantastic. The acrobatics were spectacular, leaving the audience nonplussed and unsure as to whether they want to stop clapping. While it is unconventional acrobatically, the stunts are entertaining and well performed.

While the performers embraced spontaneity, it was clear at times that something had gone awry. However the duo recovered well and their lighting and music coordinator was ready to move quickly to the next performance.

The two performers had a strong stage presence and portrayed themselves well. The dancing was well choreographed and the music well themed and selected. Church’s strength was phenomenal while Joslin commanded the stage and microphone with her presence.

Twisted Lollipop will have you singing, laughing and applauding without pause. Church and Joslin have created a fantastic show which is guaranteed to delight.


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