FRINGE 2015: Sparrow-Folk: SubBIRDia – Gluttony: The Bally – 4K

The friendly greeting from performers Catherine Crowley and Juliet Moody, the sparkly bunting hanging from a bright Hills Hoist and the offer of a (very tasty – take the offer) homemade cookie, iced to look like a breast, set the scene for this show well. This is a tight 45 minutes of musical comedy about the funny side of suburban life, particularly the naughty bits. There’s lots of innuendo, and some rather impressive crocheted anatomy, but the boundaries of comfort are never extended too far – it’s a bit risqué rather than raunchy or rude.

The songs are amusing and musically appealing, with very nice vocal harmonising. Some may be familiar to those who saw their offering last Fringe, but there is also a good quantity (quan-tity?) of newer numbers. The one flaw in this show is the inclusion of a song about rugby which, while performed with the same panache as the rest, fails to create a similar level of amusement due to a large proportion of the jokes falling dead for the South Australian audience. This came about half-way through the show and the awkwardness of it meant that the fine rapport developed up until that point was never quite fully regained. When touring a show about amusing everyday anecdotes and experiences, it’s important to ensure they will still be relatable for your audience.

Aside from this small glitch, the rest of the performance was that nice level of amusing that, while maybe not making you laugh out loud the whole way through, does evoke a couple of these outbursts and leaves you with a genuine smile on your face the rest of the time.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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