FRINGE 2015: Leo – Royal Croquet Club – The Menagerie – 4K

One man who defies gravity as he finds himself trapped in a simple room lit by a single light bulb with his briefcase discovering that the world he finds himself in has shifted. As his curiosity overcomes the fear, Leo finds self entertaining ways to exploit his discovery to eventually reach a point where his loneliness overshadows. A point where he gets lost in his own imagination as his need for company takes over.

Is this brilliantly choreographed physical circus with a twist, exploring the madness that ensues finding yourself alone held hostage by your imagination?

William Bonnett’s quality of performance with unbelievable body control and strength creates what appears to be happening to the left side of the stage in such a natural and believable way for the audience to see as they become captivated.

At Royal Croquet Club – The Menagerie until Sunday 15 March.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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