FRINGE 2015: Sam Simmons – Spaghetti for Breakfast – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen

9318_Sam-Simmons--Spaghetti-For-Breakfast_EFUL_GUIDE__EFUL_WEBThe comedic nature of Sam Simmons’ eccentric personality is highlighted in his 2015 Adelaide Fringe show Spaghetti for Breakfast. Though many people may recognise him as a regular Triple J radio host and TV presenter, Simmons is a seasoned comedian with several awards under his belt including the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Best Comedy Award and the more recent the 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival Director’s Choice Award.

The breakfast-themed show revolves around his hilariously long list of ‘Things that Shit Me’. In his list, Simmons addresses many random aspects that annoy him; hysterical examples include pigeon sex, cats on the internet, iceberg lettuce, and his hatred towards Linda from marketing. Inclusive in the use of his non-sequitur humour, Simmons also sings several comical songs to add to the story; one example involved the dilemma of discovering his first grey pubic hair. A definite highlight of the show was the entertaining story of his struggles in looking good wearing a pair of jeans, which eventually by show’s end, he would gather the confidence to put denim to skin.

Many props were used throughout the show which greatly complemented his comedic quality. Additionally, the performance was accompanied with music tracks and lighting equipment which was effective in providing a more noteworthy performance. Although there seemed to be some problems with the ‘pingy’ sound quality of the speakers during the show, Simmons was able to take a humorous spin to the minor technical issues.

Simmons certainly has a unique sense of humour which is evident through his jokes. Though self-aware of his unrelatable standup, the differences in Simmons’ comedic style to other comedians is refreshing and Simmons works with the quality of loose humour that he is comfortable with. Predictably, Simmons’ humour can be quite random, therefore some individuals may not find his jokes quite as funny. But there was no doubt that he was able to cause riots of laughter in the entire tent throughout his performance.

Sam Simmons is a delirious and weirdly funny comic whose comedy style is renown on Australian TV and radio. Situated in the large Umbrella Revolution tent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Spaghetti for Breakfast continues its show run until the end of Adelaide Fringe on March 15th.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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