FRINGE 2015: Truth Be Told Neel Kolhatkar – ComedySuperNova – 4.5K

If you’re looking for some culture, like one of the audience – you won’t go wrong on this. Truth Be Told speaks for itself, as this Youtube comedian speaks of what is happening in … it gets funnier.

If you recognise this bloke from his ‘Australia in 2 minutes’ video that catapulted him to this star stand-up comedian he is today, it’s given to expect impersonations from our political leader, or the authentic Australian-version of things.

With such sharp & detailed description of our society, don’t forget to catch your breath from all the big laughing. Although, you have to certainly know who Neel Kolhatkar at a certain level to be able to enjoy this show, or maybe know Australia quite in-depth. A lot of inside gags that will make you feel like you’re the dopy kid in a cool crowd for jokes that are in those references.

It’s rated for all ages, but I really wouldn’t take my conservative mother or my 12-year old cousin, otherwise they really wouldn’t hear much from all the bleeping in the air – but those flying foxes make it funnier for most.

Obviously Neel’s not doing this to bring happiness and joy; he’s doing it for a lot more. Catch him on his last show tonight at ComedySuperNova at Palace Nova, Rundle St. He’ll take your money, but sure it is worth it.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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