Fringe 2015 – Run – The Holden Street Theatre – 3.5K

By Tom Eckert

indexInspired by the film ‘Run Lola Run’ and the biblical text “Run without becoming weary that you may obtain the prize”, the Melbourne Dance Theatre, with choreography by Martin Sierra create an athletic interpretive metaphor exploring the ideas on interpersonal and fateful cause and effect.

The entire company displayed admirable and very strong classical technique and this proved to be the strength of the production. The sense of narrative was abstract, and if not for the use of projection of content from the film and programmatic text explaining to the audience the progression, it would have been very hard to follow. The music was driving, maintaining the pace and highlighting the physical abilities of the dancers, however it tended to get a bit the same could be said of much of the movement, as impressive as it was, the recurring running motifs hit the point home perhaps a little too hard resulting in sensitisation, leaving the audience waiting for the next sequence.

As a whole the use of projection, music and lighting were certainly effective and the company managed to express their ideas. But the stars of the show are inevitably the dancers maintained a vibrant energy from start the end.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5K

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