Fringe 2015- East End Cabaret: Sexual Tension – The Deluxe- The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4k

By Tom Eckert


East End Cabaret is a duo of Bernadette; Deutsche Diva reminiscent of “Wilkommen, Bienvenue” etc etc.And the hermaphroditically dressed musician Victy. A combination of vaudeville and pop culture, if you’re out looking for a riot, you won’t be disappointed.

Whilst not delivering on the literal sexual tension of the title; the show starts with a bang and keeps at you without rest until after the curtain, though it certainly runs wild with the sex. A collection of very entertaining songs ranging from witty word play to shaving hobos, an unassuming but incredibly intelligently crafted score, the two girls will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Despite the adolescent nature of some of the content, these two are clearly extremely capable performers and simply ooze musicianship. It is this, their energy and their chemistry together as performers that creates this unshakable show in a format that could so easily be run off the rails.

Bernadette is the rock of the show. The diva that holds it all together and grabs the audience by the horns, even if she has to climb over four rows of punters to grab you by said horns. But if Bernadette is the rock, Victy is the star. Her musical virtuosity on multiple instruments and exuberance as well as her rapport with the audience is engaging and borderline frightening. Both Bernadette and Victy use the other as the ‘straight guy’ to their gags, but when neither is willing the entire shows just spirals into ever crazier extremes.

This is a show to take your friends to. And if you don’t like them, be sure to sit them in the front row, Bernadette and Victy will take care of the rest.


Kryztoff Rating: 4k

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