Fringe 2015 – Sous Vide – Holden Street Theatres – The Studio – 4.5k

By Tom Eckert

West Australian contemporary dance duo Laura Boynes and Tony Currie put on a unique performance that simultaneously challenges and entertains its audience.

The stylistic choreography exploring the modern zeitgeist of achieving immortality or at least leaving something that extends beyond our time is adeptly woven throughout and complimented by a great soundtrack from Tristen Parr and magnificent costumes producing a very real and incisive look at what is all around us.

Not to be tied down to serious notions, the duo manage to capitalize on the humour of the inherent absurdity to be found around every corner of our modern world.

A profoundly creative and innovative piece. If this is what a “work in progress” feels like to Laura Boynes, I look forward to seeing shat she produces in the future.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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