FRINGE 2016 – Ross Voss Comedy Experience – Crown & Sceptre – 3.5K

By Peter Maddern

Away from the tents of the Croquet Club and Garden, heavily patronised by those seeking ‘safe’ entertainment, are a range of upstairs rooms that seat maybe 30 tops that host comedians who take on such ‘fringe’ names as Dave Hughes and Will Anderson at their own game.

These are the guys who set out to make 50 minutes out of material far more challenging than the aforementioned ‘superstars’ and for the most part do a much better job. Much the pity they don’t get the recognition they deserve. One such is local legend Ross Vosvotekas at the Crown & Sceptre.

There is a certain charm and appeal about Ross; an impish grin is armed with eyes that seemingly still look out on the world with a youthful amazement – a far cry from the chiselled cynicism of some of the national names that go round and round and round each year.

For his Comedy Experience, Ross, lamenting his knee injury that has halted his basketball career, divides his show up into a game’s four quarters and delivers his spiel in the singlet and pants that nature now otherwise only allows him to wear sitting on the couch watching the game.

We get, amongst other jokes and quips, a series of great puns around fruit and vegetables, the gory details on the failings of automotive repair shops and finally the limits of using family as interior decorators. Ross delivers with confidence, occasionally stopping the clock to set his audience straight on some detail or other as his hour passes effortlessly and without the abysmal slide into vulgarities that so called funny people resort to.

So, take a punt lovers of comedy on Ross and his ilk. They’re different – want to know why? Well, Ross for one is pro gluten!

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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