Cabaret Festival – Sammy J: The Sammy J Songbook – 4K

By Olivia Henry


You might recognise Sammy J from his shows with Randy the purple puppet, the Adelaide Fringe, or ABC’s Playground Politics. Well, he’s back in Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival with The Sammy J Songbook.


Armed with a piano and a juice box, Sammy J takes the audience on a musical adventure through his vivid imagination. His material is surprisingly intellectual and unoffensive, despite covering a range of potentially controversial topics including politics and profanity. His song, “Keeping It Clean” cleverly discusses expletives in comedy without offending the audience, despite using the “F-word” more times than an Aussie bar fight.


Sammy J is particularly gifted when painting pictures of awkward situations, whether it be accidentally grabbing someone’s hand, or getting caught in a web of lies when making small-talk. He also balances musical comedy with chatter and audience participation, which is refreshing as musical comedy can easily get repetitive and boring if done incorrectly. His occasional use of backing tracks is particularly enjoyable, as his dancing is charming and adds an element of physical comedy to the show.


Sammy J is a regular in Adelaide. Click here for tickets to his last Cabaret show on June 19. Otherwise, keep an eye out for him on the Adelaide Comedy scene, because he’s sure to return to in the near future!



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