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Sep 09

James Morrison’s Academy Jazz Orchestra – Her Majesty’s Theatre – 4K


by Tom Eckert Anywhere else people might be skeptical that one of the best musical schools in the country might be found in a isolated rural centre. Not so in South Australia where the James Morrison Academy, which has been founded on the international eminence of its instructors including the eponymous James Morrison, takes in …

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Feb 25

FRINGE 2017 – Comfort Food Cabaret – Adelaide Central Market – 4K

You’ve heard of dinner and a show, but what happens when dinner is the show? Comfort Food Cabaret is new to the Adelaide Fringe this year and it has certainly brought life to the Market Kitchen at Adelaide Central Markets.   The evening was full of surprises, with artist Michelle Pearson singing, cooking and storytelling …

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Sep 28

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Split Flow & Holistic Strata – Hiroaki Umeda – Dunstan Playhouse – 4K


By Tom Eckert Hiroaki Umeda’s two performances Split Flow, and Holistic Strata are in essence dance of the modern age. Split Flow is a dance piece that challenges traditional conceptions of the media. Hiroaki Umeda’s movements relentlessly shift between the organically graceful and violently mechanical, but nothing that could be described as either traditional nor …

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Sep 24

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Bunny – Daniel Kok & Luke George – Nexus Arts – 5K


By Tom Eckert Daniel Kok and Luke George break down traditional theatre formats to create a space more involved with connecting disparate audience from each side of a square than to create a one way relationship between performer and audience. With a penchant for pop art colors and audiovisual techniques influenced heavily by club scenes …

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Sep 23

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Election – Johnnie To – Mercury Cinema – 4K


By Tom Eckert Johnnie To has created a fast paced thrilling insight into the dynamics of Hong Kong mobsters in Election. The setting was perfect in depicting the underground transactions and businesses run by the tribes – the juxtaposition between raw brutality and loyalty to a family would not have worked as well anywhere else …

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Sep 19

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Cinema Program


By Tom Eckert   One thing that the 2016 OzAsia festival’s Cinema program can be proud of is its diversity, in many facets. The program respects a wide range of geographical locations from subcontinental India in Psycho Raman, to the mountains of Tibet in Paths of the Soul and the metropolises of Korea in Train …

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Sep 19

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Paths of the Soul – Yang Zhang – Mercury Cinema – 4K

By Tom Eckert Yang Zhang’s Paths of the Soul is a deeply meditative experience that touches on the deep spirituality of native Tibetans in an idiosyncratic pilgrimage journey of 2,000km to their most holy site made, unbelievably, whilst prostrating themselves to pray every few steps. The cinematography is simultaneously deeply respectful and awe-inspiring. Keeping his …

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Sep 19

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Paths of the Soul – Yang Zhang – Mercury Cinema – 4K


By Tom Eckert Yang Zhang’s documentary Paths of the Soul is a deeply meditative and privileged vision of an idiosyncratic Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage ritual that sees them traveling 2,000km to their holy capital whilst throwing themselves prostrate every few steps. The cinematography is simultaneously deeply respectful and awe-inspiring. Keeping his distance, Zhang never allows the …

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Sep 18

Oz Asia Festival – 2016 – Stranger – Emek Tursunov – 4K


By Tom Eckert   Stranger is the completion of Ermek Tursunov’s trilogy examining the Kazakh identity. Whilst described as apolitical by the director, Stranger is set in the times leading up to world war two after its protagonist defies to Soviet Union by not serving in the military following a situation where his father dies …

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Sep 17

OzAsia Festival – 2016 – Psycho Raman – Mercury Cinema – 1K


by Tom Eckert   Psycho Raman, a psychological suspense film directed by Anurag Kashyap has a lot going for it but unfortunately could have been executed better. The plot centers around the parallel narrative of a psychopath and the Mumbai policeman whom he becomes platonically infatuated with upon seeing the policeman murder someone with the …

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