THEATRE – Price Check the Musical – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Who would have thought as we sustain another drudge through the colour-hyped up aisles of our local supermarkets that there too lie the environment for all the horrid things that haunt us elsewhere in our lives. Things like mean spirited managers, burning ambitions and unfound love.

Cerise de Gelder and Sean Weatherly’s Price Check the Musical takes us there in a spirited and amusing romp through the lives of three staff members, Zayeeb (Fahad Farooque), the dedicated fruit and veg manager, Narelle (Catherine Campbell), the frustrated check out chick and David (Weatherly himself) as the loyal but ambitious store manager in waiting.

They come against their store owner Mr Butler (Rory Walker) and the aged and infuriating customer Mrs Zimmerman (Jacqy Phillips) without whom life would be probably be working okay.

Supported by four attractive and ever smiling ensemble members, the events on the floor and in the coffee room play themselves out with Walker particularly good as the almost maniacal and mean owner for whom all produce represents a profit and every day is just one more in the countdown to Christmas that starts in October.

The songs and lyrics are for the most part excellent and while patrons will hear the influences of the likes of Sondheim and Irving Berlin, they retain a proudly Australian feel with plenty use of the local vernacular. A rollicking good overture at the outset may well have also added to the mood.

Price Check refreshingly also eschews most concerns for political correctness, with Farooque playing with great joy his role as the new Australian, keeping the locals off balance as to what he gets and doesn’t about the local language and ways.

New musicals are tough ventures and Sean Weatherly and Cerise de Gelder’s dedication to the task over ten years is commendable. One can only hope it finds further supporters for future productions. Price Check makes shopping more fun than it has ever been before. Check it out.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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