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FRINGE THEATRE – Mengele – The Bakehouse Theatre – 5K

Mengele the man as reincarnated in “Mengele” the show. A must-see masterpiece, with a message more relevant than ever, “Lest We Forget”. Kryztoff Rating 5K


Two people, brought together by chance, search for ways to keep hope alive. Through their nightly shadow-puppet play they are able to create stories and worlds over which they have control.  They can make plans, express their fears, laugh, and make it through another night. Nameless throughout and with their pasts virtually erased by the …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – A Regular Little Houdini – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

One of the quintessential Adelaide Fringe theatre experiences has got to be an engaging story, told by an engaging solo writer-performer, on an almost bare black stage. It’s a genre that allows the performer’s craft to shine through; their words to create the settings, and their portrayal to form multiple believable characters through small nuances …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – The Baby Farmer – Bakehouse Theatre – 5K

For the poor and downtrodden lowest classes of Victorian London, life was appallingly bleak, and often short. Yet, over a century later, it’s possible to find a peculiar, fanciful, beauty connected to the horror that was the daily life of these people; which lends itself so well to tales of the macabre. It is within …

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FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – Ophelia’s Shadow – The Bakehouse – 2.5K

Ophelia’s Shadow, is one of several abridged, adapted and modernised versions of Shakespeare’s plays that are on offer this Fringe. This particular show focuses on the character of Ophelia in Hamlet, with lashings of 90s garage rock, plenty of black clothes, and grungy dancing. It aims to use the character of Ophelia to explore the …

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THEATRE – Price Check the Musical – 4K

Price Check makes shopping more fun than it has ever been before. Check it out. 4K

FRINGE 2016: James McLean – Big Enough and Ugly Enough – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen After a successful sold-out Fringe season in 2015, James McLean is back which a revised production of his hilariously uplifting show, Big Enough and Ugly Enough, through the assistance and tutorship of award-winning artist, Wes Snelling. Having seen James McLean’s show premiering at last year’s Fringe, I had the pleasure to once …

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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – The Last Time I Saw Richard – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

The Last Time I saw Richard is a quirky, well-paced, exploration of a romantic relationship. Written by Cat Commander, it’s an eloquently penned series of encounters between two people, which is often funny, sometimes moving and always engaging. When we first meet them, April and Richard are newly acquainted and clearly hitting it off. The …

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THEATRE – The Lost WW1 Diary – Damian Callinan – 5K

Callinan wit, observations and sentiments are razor sharp.

THEATRE – The Audition – Bakehouse – 3.5K

A compelling psychological drama that reveals what it takes to be a great actor. 3.5K