THEATRE – Equus – Bake House Theatre -3.5K

By Rupert Hogan-Turner

A challenging and thought provoking play, Equus has recently been brought back to the limelight through the pulling power of Daniel Radcliffe. This production, put on by Arrangement with Origin theatrical, did the play justice.

Equus follows a psychiatrist as he attempts to understand and rehabilitate a young boy, Alan Strang, who has recently blinded 6 horses with a metal spike. The production dissects Strang’s mental state and its contrast to that of his psychiatrist. Alan has created a dark and twisted internal world, in which he now suffers. His psychiatrist contrasts this to his own inner dialogue.

A convincing and thrilling exploration of mental illness and the entrapments of the mind. This play covers worship, reverence, fear and love in ways very rarely seen. The challenging concepts are explored on a simple and minimalist stage.

Strong performances from leads Ben Gatehouse and Ross Vosvotekas created an insightful and emotional milieu. Vosvotekas, particularly, explored the role of inquisitive and jaded psychiatrist Dysart.

Points of particular note include a stirring monologue by Chris Galipo on the trials of motherhood and key moments of remembrance and soliloque by Vosvotekas. Overall there were strong performances from all actors, a well used and structured stage and brilliant choreography.

Equus is a fascinating and above all important exploration of mental health, love and loss. A well produced and executed production, questioning elements of the psyche very rarely looked at.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K


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