FRINGE 2017:Paradise Lost – Henrietta’s– 4K

By Tom Eckert

Paradise Lost

Whilst perhaps seeming a little avant garde for less artistically inclined audiences, Christopher Samuel Carroll’s performance of Milton’s classic text is engaging and rewards those who attend with an earnest interest.

Dramatic monologue mixed with the severe spartan aesthetic of the Japanese dance form of Butoh, Carrol presents himself as a blank slate onto which he projects the various characters of the epic through movement, posturing and unaffected voice.

This characterisation is exceptional, marked by the fact an audience will never have a doubt as to whom is speaking despite complex dialogues.

His recitation of the poem is dynamic and engaging, however he deprives the narrative of some of the gravity by sacrificing pregnant pauses in the interest of maintaining rhythm which at times drains some of the peaks of their impact.

A earnest, professional and proficient practitioner and performer, Carrol pairs the great text with his own impressive abilities to create a singular experience that would be a delight for those seeking to expand their horizons.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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