by Riccardo Barone 



After a successful overseas tour, the celestial voice of Siobhan Owen comes back home. Adelaide should be very proud of witnessing the life of this amazing Musician.

The entire concert is a journey between cultures from all over the world, and specifically between languages.

The Welsh Musician sings traditional songs sliding between various languages such as Japanese, Irish and overall Welsh, following a very precise historical language path regarding the roots and the development of her origins land’s language.

The songs are performed and accompanied by herself playing the celtic harp with such an unreal fairy intensity, like a delicate tear of a Dragon falling from the highness of the most unknown enchanted places, or folk traditional village dances, smelling goat barbecue, watching children running in circle, at sunset, listening to whispered stories of lovers.

A celestial journey entwined in a lilium echo, storybook of an awesome Musician who enchants the audience capturing them in a dream veiled of magic, wisdom and grace.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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