Sound and Fury members Maritzer, Hercamp and Aussie Adamczak calmly stood in front of their audience at the Tandanya Arts Cafe, waiting for late-comers, assuring each audience member that “this isn’t a part of the show”. Yet it was! Cracking jokes, improvising and remaining confident at what would usually be an awkward time in a performance; the three men immediately made the audience feel welcome as they prepared all for what was to come. Once the show was underway they started heckling the only reviewer in the audience (me) later stating “Oh man, I hope he’s not the reviewer”, honestly, a great way to start the show!

Improv is an incredible art form and it’s incredibly commendable when an actor is so strong with improvisation that the audience can’t tell what is scripted and what is not. That’s the beauty of this piece. Maritzer, Hercamp and Adamczak bounce off one another so well that even if there were mistakes, vert few would be recognisable. However, throughout the show there seemed to be a constant struggle with technical execution. The lighting and sound operator lacked in timing. At first it seemed deliberate and got a few laughs but, it slowly got more and more irritating as an audience member. Albeit frustrating, the actors again were heroic in the way they dealt with these issues and in the end it added to the show.

This performance was a well rehearsed mess, in the best possible way. Constant references to Adelaide and it’s surrounding areas making the audience feel all bubbly about their hometown was the best way for these three to make a connection, and they did it perfectly! ‘Throw away’ remarks and on-stage conversation worked really well and didn’t take away from the confusing yet, well thought out ‘plot-line’.

It’s hard to critique a performance where very very little was unenjoyable. Great acting, great performers and great down to earth guys off stage too. A must see.


Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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