FRINGE 2017: COMEDY – Aunty Donna: Big Boys – Arts Theatre – 5K

Aunty Donna is back at the Adelaide Fringe with their unique brand of stupidly clever, high energy sketch comedy.  With sold-out shows, Mark, Broden and Zach have probably outgrown the cramped-but-comfortable Arts Theatre on Angus Street. Their growing popularity is no surprise: The boys are talented professionals, and with the help of music-man Tom Armstrong, these Big Boys take the audience on journey into absurdity.


It is difficult to describe the show – there’s lots of dancing, yelling, and even a little demon-hunting. The boys are particularly talented at maintaining excitement and reading their audience. Their enthusiasm extends to the appreciative fan base, who are able to continue the boys’ banter in a unique fashion that gives their shows an extra element, unseen in other comedy shows.


There’s not much to say in the way of negative comments. While Big Boys was a tight show, it did leave little room for the mistakes and improvisation that make the boys so charming. However, like their past shows, Big Boys is laugh-out-loud funny, exciting, and is simply over too quickly.

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