by Riccardo Barone 


Adelaidians retrogamers, you can’t miss that! Be ready to be immersed in your childhood with Mario Bros & friends’ themes, soundtracks of our rainy days spent on our favourite console. Maybe you can even hear mummy yelling “Too much of these games!! Go do your homework!!”.

How can the functionality and the efficiency be unlimited in a Wind Band? For example whilst in Italy the secular tradition is mostly based around religious music dedicated to Saints in festive celebrations or Opera arias/symphonic music transcriptions, pieces, especially written for Wind Band, the Woodville Concert Band aims to captivate the eighty-ninthy generation focusing on a courageous repertoire.

The entire performance requires the support of a projector. Every piece is a tribute to a console game which has been synchronically played with the well done clips (excerpts from games’ scenes) displayed on the screen. Such a difficult task for the conductor to start the clip and at the same time as conducting the orchestra then eventually playing with one foot some funny percussion instruments.

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