FRINGE VISUAL ART – Patterns of Migration – Nexus Gallery – 3.5K

"Assorted earrings & brooches," photo by Kai Niezgoda, March 2017

“Assorted earrings & brooches,” photo by Kai Niezgoda, March 2017

Exhibition “Patterns of Migration” gives us access to pivotal moments in the life of Haneen Martin. Martin’s work explores her identity and experience as a Malay-Arab Muslim woman living in Australia since the age of eight. From polymer clay work, to hand-stitched and dyed cloth, to old family photos and letters, the artist’s work is a mixture of questions and answers. How do the corresponding parts of her life and identity fit together? Where does she fit in an Australia where she’s asked if she’s “like a terrorist”? This is an examination of the political climate around cultural diversity as much as it is a personal reflection. This exhibition is small, but worth visiting and reflecting on, particularly if you can relate to being the cultural or societal “other.”

Kryztoff rating: 3.5K

by Kai Niezgoda

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