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FRINGE: Misery – Theatre – Higher Ground – 4K

While incredibly chilling and gruesome at times, there is also a lot of humour in the script of Misery and this production captures both sides of the action. A quality and entertaining production. 4K

FRINGE: Fleeto – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

Fleeto is powerful theatre. It is a revealing, and rather depressing, journey into the world of the lower classes, which are looked down upon and often feared by others. 4K

FRINGE: His Ghostly Heart – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

This is a distinctive theatrical experience and a fine production of a well written, thought-provoking play. The two performers create a realistic and emotive picture despite the sensory deprivation. 4K

FRINGE: Wee Andy – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4.5K

This is one of those shows which remind you that truly moving theatre does not need to be complicated or flashy; the most important facets are the performances of the actors, the eloquence of the writing and the power of the story being told. Wee Andy is nothing but quality in all of these areas. 4.5K

FRINGE: Belt Up Theatre’s The Boy James – AC ARTS – 4.5K

This is a powerful and affecting show, the themes and feeling of which draw you in and pierce your core. The trio of actors create an intense dynamic, as relationships change and control shifts from one to another. 4.5K

FRINGE: Belt Up Theatre’s Outland – AC ARTS – 5K

Blending the life of author Lewis Carroll with a condensed version of his story Sylvie and Bruno, this piece captures the absurdity of his writing, the nostalgia for childhood which sits at the back of your consciousness, and the magical spark that can only be created by live theatre. This is a piece which will excite, delight, bemuse and amaze. 5K

RAW: The Mikado – G & S Society – Scott Theatre until Oct 29

This is another impressive offering from the G&S Society, who continue to produce high quality shows, featuring the work of very talented local artists. Fans of G&S will no doubt lap this production up.

RAW: OzAsia Festival – Shugo Tokumaru – Space Theatre – 4K

“Quirky pop” is probably the closest you’ll get to summarising the sound of Shugo Tokumaru. We heard pieces akin to mamba, 60s Brit-pop, 80s love ballads, and even a good ol’ country hoe-down. The crown went away invigorated and impressed. 4K