Tag: Adelaide Fringe 2012

I Am Google – Austral – 4K

Guests are welcomed with cookies so that their browsers will work, a good indication on how geeky this show is going to be. I am Google, performed by Craig Ricci Shaynak, who has quite an amazing bio of his own (see his website below), takes us into the world of Google, search engines and social …

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FRINGE: Late O’clock with Rob Hunter – Comedy – The Arkaba – 4.5K

This is the crème of the crop when it comes to comedy variety shows. Hunter and McGregor are both fantastic talents who provided a brilliant setting for other acts to promote their shows, while also creating an original and hilarious sketch piece of their own. 4.5K

FRINGE: Huggers – Comedy – The Bunka @ The Austral – 3K

While not every act was a hit with every audience member, there was something for everyone and this is a great way to introduce kids to the Fringe. 3K

FRINGE – Paul Foot – Still Life – Cinema Nova until March 18 – 4K

Paul Foot, we all know him as Robin Da Hood from that add in his red suit, the comedian from the UK. Stop, No let’s not call him a comedian, let’s describe him as a strange little guy who through his eccentric weirdness, who seems to have fits during his rants, who seems to be …

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FRINGE: Your Days Are Numbered: The Maths of Death – Comedy – The Science Exchange – 3.5K

You don’t have to love statistics for this show to be entertaining, though it is likely to appeal most to those with at least a passing interest. So if you enjoy your comedy a little intellectual and don’t mind a graph or two, get along to the Science Exchange. Chances are, you’ll have a good time. 3.5K

FRINGE: One Flesh – Theatre – Town Hall – 3K

With the portrayal of the younger generations in the media tending to focus on those getting into trouble, drinking and being promiscuous, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are swathes of young adults making very different life choices. To see these people represented on-stage is even rarer. This is an original and insightful play from Macharne Cloughley. 3K

FRINGE – Legacy of the Tiger Mother – Adelaide Town Hall, David Spence Room – 5K

Get Ready for Tough Love, Asian style! and be prepared for some reverse racism. “Few musical theatre works engage the modern Asian immigrant experience,” notes co- creator Angela Chan, a third generation Chinese American and professional pianist.  “I wanted to create a piece that was inspired by my own childhood and spoke directly to Asians, …

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FRINGE: Somewhere Under the Rainbow – Cabaret – The Big Slapple – 4K

While not quite capturing the feeling of their last two Fringe appearances, the Jane Austen Argument provide a night of quality, funny and moving original music. New comers are sure to be drawn in by their charisma and their album is a great addition to the collection. 4K

FRINGE: The Half – Theatre – Higher Ground – 4K

It is a fine balance to create a character that is necessarily a little over the top, but realistic enough to be hilarious, however Guy Masterson manages to do so. Thespians and theatre novices alike will find a lot to enjoy in The Half. 4K

FRINGE: Drowning in Veronica Lake – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

This is a very interesting look at the life of Veronica Lake and gives insight into the woman behind the Hollywood pin-up. It will have definite appeal for any fans of the late actress but is also an engaging and quality piece of theatre in its own right. 4K