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Male: Real/Ideal – The Mill – Til 27th September

The exhibition is of seven model / photographer collaborations for a pair images each, one representative of a safe place and the other one less comfortable. The results are simply excellent.

VISUAL ARTS – Male; Real/Ideal – The Mill – 6-27 September

A visual testament to the resilience of the modern male, “Male; Real/Ideal” speaks to a society feeling disenfranchised in an organic inability to meet standards of appearance and ability set by media and pervasive celebrity.

SALA – Heartland – AGSA – 3.5K

The Heartland initiative would seem one that could emulate the Samstag’s commitment to the state’s local collectors; that is by being a regularly appearing exhibition. Replacing or alternating with the Biennial of Australian Art at Festival time is one suggestion. 3.5K

SALA – Revealed #2 – Samstag

As mentioned, Revealed #2 is a different kind of exhibition but one that carries a great sense of this State’s often hidden faces of art patronage.

SALA – Andrew Clarke and AIPP (Light Gallery)

Full credit to Clarke if for nothing else than having the courage to stay away from decorative forms to attract those only keen on filling up a wall.

PHOTOGRAPHER – Leanne King Wins SA Portrait Photographer of the Year

At the recently held South Australian Professional Photography Awards, The AIPP South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year for 2013 winner is Leanne King from Crackerjack Photographic Studios & Gallery.

SALA – The Waterhouse Natural History Exhibition – SA Museum – 3.5K

The selection of this year’s winner I doubt will attract much controversy for it is the stand out work of the exhibition by some distance. 3.5K

VISUAL ARTS – Ghoti 16 – Light Gallery

This sixteenth collection is perhaps not quite as alluring to the disinterested visitor but nonetheless well worth the visit.

CROWD Theory Adelaide – Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – Samstag Art Museum – 4K

Done for the first time by Terrill in three panels, Crowd Theory Adelaide is, if nothing else, a terrific, stunning capture of Adelaide in 2013, one that will stand the test of time. 4K

THE INTERVIEWS 2013 – By Kryztoff

Throughout the year, Kryztoff interviews various performers, artists and commentators. This blog page now brings them all together, with the most recent posted first. Enjoy.