Tag: OzAsia 2015

OzAsia – superposition – 5K

                Fusing science and art in itself is an art form. Has Ryoji Ikeda, internationally renowned artist from Japan who lives in Paris, mastered this with ‘superposition’? Consisting of screens, sounds, graphs, screens, sounds, graphs, screens, sounds, graphs and two live performers Stephane Garin and Amelie Grould. A …

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THEATRE – Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker / Rebirth – OzAsia – Rehearsal Space – 4.5K

Total immersion and enthusiasm from the cast, even after you have left the performance space, but well beyond and after you have dried off, this is a show that will stay with you. 4.5K

DANCE – Cry Jailolo – OzAsia Festival – 3.5K

There is a seeming simplicity to the work that should not distract from the dexterity of the movement which holds your imagination long after you have left the theatre. 3.5K