DANCE – Cry Jailolo – OzAsia Festival – 3.5K

media-cry-jailolo-4By Peter Maddern

This performance choreographed by Eko Supriyanto and performed by seven young men from Jailolo, an Indonesian diving mecca under threat of environmental degradation, thrives on its inching graduations of light and movement. The opening of the first movement is both tantalising and haunting – a single dancer creates a sound using just the sole of his right foot and the heel of his left as he advances from the rear of the stage slowly and methodically as low light amps up with his progress.

He is joined by six others, all also in just knee length red pants, creating together a sound like a distant chopper as their concentration and patience develops a hypnotic effect on the audience.

247743_home_heroThe commencement of the second movement makes an asset out of motionless silence before taking us into the subterranean depths with flowing movements maybe of giant seaweeds being swayed by the currents as focus turns heavenly towards the life giving sun. It ends somewhat in parallel with the first with just one dancer unwinding in circular rotations as he and the light recesses and fades.

There is a seeming simplicity to the work that should not distract from the dexterity of the movement which holds your imagination long after you have left the theatre; the story of the dancers and their home adding poignancy to a delightful performance.
Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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