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THEATRE – Vale – State Theatre Company – Playhouse – 4K

Mark Saturno as Joe Vale and Tilda Cobham-Hervey asIsla share one of the play's more tender moments! Image by Chris Herzfield

The pace and the elements of the story are nicely sorted and the conclusion pulsating and shocking, made very good by a cast and crew who are all on their game. Mark Saturno is excellent as the self-made, not terribly bright control freak. 4K

THEATRE – Switzerland – Dunstan Playhouse – 3.5K

It’s an intense 90 minutes but the actors keep you engrossed in the banter and the belief of both their characters. 3.5K

THEATRE – 1984 – Her Majesty’s – 4.5K


This new adaptation is a visually stunning assault on the senses with the video design perhaps the highlight of the staging. 4.5K

THEATRE – Mr Burns: A Post Electric Play – State Theatre and Belvoir – The Space – 4K


Bold and ambitious and not for anything but a skilled cast and crew Mr Burns poses useful questions about the impact of current pop culture. The more one is in in tune with such shows and referencing the more this will delight. 4K

THEATRE – The Red Cross Letters – 3.5K

red cross letters

As uncheerful as The Red Cross Letters is, it is nonetheless another important work in the on-going commemorations of the Great War that all Australians ought to experience. 3.5K

THEATRE: The Popular Mechanicals – STCSA – Space Theatre – 4K

Image by Shane Reid

One of the best known comedic troupes on the stage, the Mechanicals from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream are made even funnier in Keith Robinson and Tony Taylor’s modern revision of their story. Mixing clever wordplay, vaudevillian sketch comedy, slapstick humour, music, and more, in with the original dialogue from Shakespeare, this show is …

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THEATRE – Mortido – State Theatre – Playhouse – 3.5K

Tom Conroy and Colin Friels - image by Shane Reid

This joint State Theatre / Belvoir production is ambitious and compelling viewing sure to enthral those with a healthy passion for modern crime thrillers. 3.5K

THEATRE – Volpone (or the Fox) – Playhouse Theatre – 3.5K

Paul Blackwell James Smith in Volpone by Shane Reid

Volpone and his friends present good fun theatre but reading up on the plot beforehand will help in its comprehension and appreciation. 3.5K

THEATRE – Betrayal – Playhouse – 4.5K

Image by Shane Reid

Intense and withering theatre, skillfully produced and sure to be one of the State Theatre Company’s best this year. 4.5K

THEATRE: Othello – State Theatre Company of South Australia – Dunstan Playhouse – 4K

The State Theatre Company of South Australia closes their 2014 season with an impressive production of William Shakespeare’s Othello. Director Nescha Jelk has created a modern world in which the conflict plays out; a military world, certainly, though this element of the story is not over-emphasised. The set (Victoria Lamb) is harsh and bleak, and …

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