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Oct 25

THEATRE – Switzerland – Dunstan Playhouse – 3.5K

It’s an intense 90 minutes but the actors keep you engrossed in the banter and the belief of both their characters. 3.5K

Feb 16

FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – The Last Time I Saw Richard – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

The Last Time I saw Richard is a quirky, well-paced, exploration of a romantic relationship. Written by Cat Commander, it’s an eloquently penned series of encounters between two people, which is often funny, sometimes moving and always engaging. When we first meet them, April and Richard are newly acquainted and clearly hitting it off. The …

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Oct 12

THEATRE – Between Two Waves – Bakehouse – 4.5K

Ellen Steele and Matt Crook

While Matt Crook’s apparent age may belie the academic he is portraying, everything else about his performance is masterful. No matter what levity he may bring to his conversations, Crook’s internalisation of a stress and worry borne of his research is scarily real. 4.5K

Nov 18

THEATRE – The Lake – By Fivepointone – Holden Street – 3K

Fivepointone possesses some of our best young performing arts minds and talent. In their productions one can almost sense a tension between its members as to who can push the boundaries the most and yet keep a harmony in the production. The Lake certainly lives up to that reputation. 3K