Tag: Yasmin Gurreeboo

THEATRE – Eurydice – Plant One – 3K

Yasmin Gurreeboo’s Eurydice is ambitious and she should only draw strength and courage from this production as her game plan turns to future works. 3K

THEATRE – The Web – Bakehouse Theatre – 3K

Growing up in the country can be hard on so many levels. The social ramifications of living in a town where the potential pool of friends is very limited and everyone knows everyone’s business are immense. Kate Mulvany’s The Web, centres on the relationship between Fred (Michael Lemmer) and Travis (Andrew Thomas), two sixteen year …

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THEATRE: And No More Shall We Part – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

For anyone who has had someone close to them receive news of a terminal illness and faced the inescapability of the situation, this play and the performances in it will be gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and may leave you feeling emotionally shattered. 4K