More social commentator than comedian, Martinez performs at the humble art space: Tuxedo Cat – Attic.

Amusing as her commentary about being ‘wobbly’ (she has cerebral palsy) and her life to date is, the show only manages a couple of giggles. She engages the audience well enough, as her material somewhat universal. However, she seems overly reliant on her ‘condition’ to see the show through.

The show feels more like you’re sitting with Martinez at a cafe, having a coffee and chatting about her life. Her stories often take a tangent, but she always returns to the main thread of conversation.

On until 7th March, I would have expected more laughs from this star, who has starred in Ricky Gervais’ Extras and appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Kryztoff Rating: 2.5K
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