So the lead singer of Axis of Awesome looks like Jack Black. You know it and he knows it. Yeah, it’s funny but it’s not the only funny thing the band has to offer. These guys are witty and talented to boot! The keyboard player, who looks like Chicken Little, has a music degree under his belt.

Covering the Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire but changing the lyrics to form a ‘surprise’ song was a highlight as was a song about a superhero titled ‘Skeleton Man’. Not ones to shy away from a shameless plug, the guys promoted and preformed songs from their fictional CDs.

Upon entry to the venue you will be given 3D glasses. To ensure you don’t look like a dork, hold off on wearing the glasses until you are prompted and you will see an exclusive song in 3D. It’s just like Avatar! However, the real climax of the show came towards the end when the band performed their wonderful ‘Four Chords’ song. These guys are very funny. Jack Black, eat your heart out. 

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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