Die Roten Punkte, or The Red Dots, are a brother-sister rock and roll combo straight out of Berlin. The show sees drummer Astrid – fresh out of rehab – and straight edge guitarist Otto, dueling for the audiences attention in a series of hilarious songs and between song banter.

A Pixies-inspired song about a banana, a futuristic keytar number about a robot with intentions of one day being a lion, the ‘first album trilogy’, and an acoustic love song penned for a ‘kind of’ vegan audience member are just a few of the many highlights. Astrid is a riotous highlight, while Otto’s constant posing and Iggy Pop stage moves and windmills make for a thoroughly entertaining show, with laughs never far apart.

If you have any interest in music, see this! If you don’t, you will still bloody love it!

Kryztoff Rating: 4.666K

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