Young men of Adelaide – want to get in good with the missus and show your “sensitive side”? Why not take her to Austen Found!

While billing itself as the “Undiscovered musicals of Jane Austen”, Austen Found is actually an exercise in improvisation.  But not just improvisation, these girls rattle off period language, dance, sing, and fill out a pair of well cut breaches, all without seeming to break a sweat.  And for good reason.  Performance Troupe ‘ConArtists’ is made up of a number of highly skilled improvisers, who have even improvised for their country at world championship theatre games (I didn’t know there was such a thing).

The story is…. well you already know the story: girl meets unsuitable boy, they fall in love, but are unable to express their undying devotion to each other due to social pressures etc…..  The idea is that the story changes slightly every night, dependant on the choices the audience makes at the beginning of the show.  But in general, you are not going to this show for the story – you are going to see these women improvise their little hearts out!

If you are wanting a deep discussion of the issues facing these women in society – this isn’t the show for you.  But, if you are after a good night out with some laughs – why not give it a go!