Clash of the cliches is more like it.

100 minutes of recycled highlights from the golden age of sword and sandal classics to Avatar, Alien and even Life of Brian.

Sam Worthington gets the gig as the main man but lacks the square jaw to pull it off. Not that he is helped by all that stilted lingo these films insist on and the special effects that while impressive at times were mostly just kind of limp. None of the characters resonated with Liam Neeson as Zeus (and dressed as Freddie Mercury) and Ralph Fiennes as his unhappy brother, Hades (dressed of course in black) going at it but who cared.

Giggling at it all often seemed the right response. The indeterminable trek across the wilderness (sometimes over the same ground twice) with the aid of scorpions would drug even the most Coke fired up teenage boy. His fighting comrades, who having just been hailed great men, put up unbelievably lame efforts against Medusa. (Nicholas Hoult, you are no Orlando Bloom which in itself is no great rap) and soon (but not soon enough) Worthington takes control and, guess what, wins the day.

Another in the running for worst film of the year. Expect to read a press release from Homer distancing himself from the content.

Kryztoff Rating: 1.5K